The Company

We provide precision CNC machining and assembly for the semiconductor industry.

Prototypes, short and long productions runs.

Complete secondary operations including: fabrication, welding, finishing, inspection, assembly and packaging.

Superior JIT product turn-around and response time.


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Precision Machining

HPP meets the advanced technology requirements of the nation's leading companies. Our specialty is the precision machining of components and consumables for use in process control systems and industrial instrumentation.

Our craftsmen are recognized not only for their mastery of diverse machining processes but also for creative use of production methods. We are diligent in making investments in equipment and technology that enable us to maximize quality and rates of production computer aided design engineering also,stance available to create of stream line the manufacture of your parts.

Our machining services are supported by a fully programmable PRO-E Computer work station.

Our machining includes:
  • Prototypes, small quantity or large production runs
  • Precision CNC Machining, milling, and turning
  • Drilling, milling, turning sawing
  • Metal fabricating
  • Superior JIT product turn around


Our Precision CNC milling and turning provides us a wide range of manufacturing capabilities.
  • (1) Romi CNC Lathe
  • Haas VF2-CNC Mill
  • Haas Mini Mill
  • (6) Lagun Servo CNC Mills
  • (2) Bridgeport CNC Lathes
  • Fully Programmable Pro-E Station

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Secondary Operations

HPP is a turnkey supplier of a wide range of secondary operations, and our capabilities include:

  • TIG and MIG (welding) and brazing
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Metal finishing processes
  • Purchasing, procurement services and parts staging
  • Inspection, pre-shipping assembly and packaging
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Precision CNC Machining, Milling & Turning

When you need the highest quality CNC machining, milling, and turning services, we are the natural choice. Our unique, turnkey approach sets us apart from our competitors, and it’s why we have built successful, long-term relationships with our customers.

Our skilled craftsmen have a reputation as highly skilled professionals with the unique combination of machining expertise and creativity. Our team possesses mastery of diverse machining processes, and takes pride in the application of creative production methods.

We are diligent in making ongoing investments in equipment, technology, and computer aided design that enable us to maximize quality and rates of production, as well as streamline the parts manufacturing process.

Machining Experience

We specialize in machining components and consumables for use in process control systems and engineering. Our precision machining experience includes successful project completion for clients in the medical and electronics industries. Our background includes creating semiconductor and other electronic components as well as providing assembly & finishing production services.

CNC Experience

Our extensive CNC experience includes numerous projects for the electronic and medical industries. We can handle projects of all sizes, from short run production through the most complex & difficult projects.


Our team has experience working with various types of materials, including plastics, acrylics, titanium, aluminum, exotic metals, stainless steel, and other types of steel.

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Prototype & Engineering Services

You can trust us to give your prototype projects the attention they deserve. Unlike larger shops that want only mass quantity production runs, we are pleased to assist with your short-run prototype fabrication needs.

No matter how simple or complex your engineering design, our prototype and engineering services are ready to help you bring your design to life. Our prototype experience ranges from the most basic capacitors to complex robotics design implementation.

Whether you are interested in a special project or general contract for all your prototype machining needs, we will give your creations the attention they deserve. We can work closely with you every step of the way, starting with print, going to prototype, and into final production.

Our team takes pride in providing customers with responsive service, high quality work, and a quick turnaround time.

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